Darin (다린) – Shall We Dance (춤) My Happy Ending OST Part 6 Lyrics

Shall We Dance Lyrics 춤 가사 My Happy Ending OST Part 6 [HAN/ROM]나의 해피엔드 OST Part.6Artist: 다린 (Darin)Genre: Drama OSTRelease Date: 2024.02.04 Lyrics by 최민지(Chansline)Composed by 최민지(Chansline), 김성민(Chansline), 김시원(Chansline)Arranged by 김성민(Chansline), 김시원(Chansline) No. Tracklist 1 춤 2 춤 (Inst.) Romanization meonjeo gan maeumuibaljagugeul ttaragamyeondochakhan goseurin eotteon moseubilkka chumeul chugetjilalalala lalalaamu saenggak eopsichumeul chugetjilalalala lalalalaseoroui soneul … Read more

KIMMUSEUM (김뮤지엄) – Broken Parts (널 위한 연주를 해) My Happy Ending OST Part 4 Lyrics

Broken Parts Lyrics 가사 My Happy Ending OST Part 4 [HAN/ROM]나의 해피엔드 OST Part.4Artist: 김뮤지엄 (KIMMUSEUM)Genre: Drama OSTRelease Date: 2024.01.20 Lyrics by 젬마 (JEMMA)Composed by 데일로그 (Dailog)Arranged by 데일로그 (Dailog) No. Tracklist 1 널 위한 연주를 해 2 널 위한 연주를 해 (Inst.) Romanization Does it matter after all?mirwodun sigan sok I wonder nuneul tteumyeon … Read more

SWAN (수안) – In Some Dreams (My Happy Ending OST Part 3) Lyrics

In Some Dreams Lyrics 가사 My Happy Ending OST Part 3 [HAN/ROM]나의 해피엔드 OST Part.3Artist: 수안 (SWAN) (PURPLE KISS)Genre: Drama OSTRelease Date: 2024.01.13 Lyrics by 김뮤즈Composed by 김뮤즈, 폴카이트Arranged by 김뮤즈, 폴카이트 No. Tracklist 1 In Some Dreams 2 In Some Dreams (Inst.) Romanization What would it have been likeif we hadn’t become like this?kkeonaeeobwadoteong … Read more

O.WHEN (오왠) – Take a Rest (My Happy Ending OST Part 2) Lyrics

Take A Rest Lyrics 가사 My Happy Ending OST Part 2 [HAN/ROM]나의 해피엔드 OST Part.2Artist: 오왠 (O.WHEN)Genre: Drama OSTRelease Date: 2024.01.06 Lyrics by 이용민(UrbaneMusic)Composed by 이용민(UrbaneMusic), 최재혁(UrbaneMusic)Arranged by 최재혁(UrbaneMusic), 이선행 No. Tracklist 1 Take A Rest 2 Take A Rest (Inst.) Romanization I really want to stay in your mindjageun gonggan sok geu eodiradoAnd you … Read more

Leenzy (린지) – A Night Like a Lie (거짓말 같은 밤) My Happy Ending OST Part 1 Lyrics

A Night Like A Lie Lyrics 가사 My Happy Ending OST Part 1 [HAN/ROM]나의 해피엔드 OST Part.1Artist: 린지 (Leenzy)Genre: Drama OSTRelease Date: 2023.12.30 Lyrics by 헬로굿보이, 이동영, 김민규Composed by 헬로굿보이, 이동영, 김민규Arranged by 헬로굿보이, 이동영, 김민규 No. Tracklist 1 거짓말 같은 밤 2 거짓말 같은 밤 (Inst.) Romanization I could fly to the moonI could … Read more