Loossemble (루셈블) – Sensitive (English Ver.) Lyrics

LoossembleArtist: Loossemble (루셈블)Genre: DanceRelease Date: 2023.09.15 Track List: Lyrics by LivyComposed by C’SA, clovd, 권덕근 (WSHL:ST), PUFFArranged by 권덕근 (WSHL:ST), clovd, PUFF Lyrics Every single moment passinggot that intuitionThe thrill is running through meOh my instinct is so good (So good)I don’t even gotta think itIt falls in place just like it shouldI got it … Read more

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) & Anitta – Back For More Lyrics

Back for MoreArtist: 투모로우바이투게더 & AnittaGenre: DanceRelease Date: 2023.09.15 Track List: Lyrics by Ryan Tedder, Tyler Spry, Slow Rabbit, Rios, Zegon, LaudzComposed by Ryan Tedder, Tyler Spry, Slow Rabbit, Rios, Zegon, LaudzArranged by Hangul I can see you coming back for moreComing back for moreIf you walk out that door When I’m with you it … Read more

KEY (키) – CoolAs Lyrics

Good & Great – The 2nd Mini AlbumArtist: 키 (KEY)Genre: ElectronicaRelease Date: 2023.09.11 Track List: Lyrics by Tony FerrariComposed by David Wilson, Orion Meshorer, Dewain Whitmore Jr., Patrick ‘J Que’ SmithArranged by dwilly, Orion Meshorer Lyrics Nobody like myselfFeelin’ this fly as hellEveryday look like movieTry to lie to yourselfI’m the truth oh yaThe wayI … Read more

V (뷔) – For Us Lyrics

LayoverArtist: VGenre: R&B/SoulRelease Date: 2023.09.08 Track List: Lyrics by freekind.Composed by Monro, freekind.Arranged by Monro Lyrics You went from my home toIt was nice to know youAnd it breaks my heartThat we gave it our best shot Now I’m in CaliforniaI’m still waiting for yaWill you change your mindI would give it all upFor us … Read more

FTISLAND (FT아일랜드) – Rising Star (With G.O.P) Lyrics

SageArtist: FTISLAND (FT아일랜드)Genre: RockRelease Date: 2023.09.07 Track List: Lyrics by G.O.PComposed by 이홍기 (FT아일랜드), 일 (IL), CHANGHYUNArranged by 일 (IL), CHANGHYUN, 이의수 Lyrics I see your colorYou’re in my headI can feel you in my heartThe moment of the day we dreamedIt’s the time we want and feel We are the dreamersRun for dreamsWatching the … Read more

XODIAC (소디엑) – Lemonade Lyrics

LEMONADEArtist: XODIACGenre: DanceRelease Date: 2023.09.05 Track List: Lyrics by Jacob Attwooll, CLEF CREWComposed by 9F, Jacob Attwooll, CLEF CREWArranged by 9F Lyrics LemonadeI just wanna glass ofLemonadeThrow it throw it back likeEvery dayI can’t get enough noGimme moreGimme moreGimme moreGimme more LemonadeI just wanna know yaIce cube, couple lemons and some sodaMix it up with … Read more

Nody Cika (노디시카) – Tell Me To Stay (The First Responders 2 OST Part 5) Lyrics

소방서 옆 경찰서 그리고 국과수 OST Part.5Artist: 노디시카 (Nody Cika)Genre: Drama OSTRelease Date: 2023.09.01 Track List: Lyrics by Hodge, 얼드레인 (ALDrain), 박아름Composed by CHAEIPAPA, 얼드레인 (ALDrain)Arranged by CHAEIPAPA Lyrics I’m here standing near, So close and so farFeels like I know youSo sure but unsure, don’t know where we areSeems like you know me butI’ve … Read more