KLyrics For You is a K-Pop lyrics blog made by fans. We provide romanization, Hangul, English translation, and some Japanese lyrics. We offer quick yet accurate romanization lyrics based on Revised Romanization of Korean and we perfected it with the Korean Final Consonant (받침; batchim), which is a good way to read Korean romanization without any confusion. Wondering why “사랑을 했다” get romanized as “sarangeul haetda” instead of “sarangeul haessda”? It’s because we follow the Korean Final Consonant to make it easy to read.

KLyrics For You posted any of Korean song from the Korean music site such as Naver Music and Genie Music. Sometimes we translate to English, but most of the English translation is taken from Popgasa, official English translation from artists Youtube channel, and fan translation from Lyricstranslate.

KLyrics For You has no copyright to every lyrics. Copyright belongs to the respective artists. KLyrics For You just provides romanization, romaji, and English translation. We had no intention of copyright infringement. Please remember, if you want to use our romanization, romaji, or our English translation and post it on another platform please give full credit to our blog. When crediting our blog just use our romanization, romaji or English translation, don’t copy the whole page, please include at least one of the following:
1. Title of this blog: KLyrics For You; or
2. URL of this blog: www.klyricsforyou.com.

Thank you!

Last edited on October 12, 2022