Coogie (쿠기) – Right Now (Feat. Crush) Lyrics

Right NowArtist: 쿠기 (Coogie)Genre: Rap/Hip HopRelease Date: 2023.09.12 Track List: Lyrics by 쿠기 (Coogie), CrushComposed by GRAY (그레이), 쿠기 (Coogie), CrushArranged by GRAY (그레이) Romanization challaui nunbiche heundeullyeo nae mamsigani eomneunde beolsseo late at nightsumeul goreun chae jeonhwagireul jibeoYou’re my hype girl ni apeuro ttwieo I got money you gon need itmwodeun malhaebwa cha sigyedan … Read more

Code Kunst (코드 쿤스트) – Circle (Feat. Crush) Lyrics

Remember ArchiveArtist: 코드 쿤스트 (CODE KUNST)Genre: R&B/SoulRelease Date: 2023.03.16 Lyrics by CrushComposed by 코드 쿤스트 (CODE KUNST), Crush, Pick!Arranged by 코드 쿤스트 (CODE KUNST), Pick! Romanization Stuck in my head, merry-go-rounddodaeche eotteoke hae I’m trapped in the darksumswigiga I don’t feel alive Round and round we go around in a CIRCLE CIRCLERound and round miroe … Read more

Crush (크러쉬) – Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope) Lyrics

Crush – Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope)[Single] Rush HourArtist: CrushGenre: R&B/SoulRelease Date: 2022.09.22 Track List01. Rush Hour (Feat. j-hope of BTS) Lyrics by Crush, j-hope, 페노메코 (PENOMECO)Composed by Crush, 홍소진Arranged by Crush, 홍소진 HangulYo I’ve been walking on the street yo 유엔빌리지에서 한강진역 이태원을 지나왔어 언덕길로클랙슨은 목이 쉬어 퇴근길마다 삐걱삐걱 그게 자그마치 2년 입에 단내가 나 … Read more

PSY – Happier (Feat. Crush) Lyrics

PSY – Happier (Feat. Crush)[Album] 싸다9Artist: 싸이 (Psy)Genre: Rap/Hip HopRelease Date: 2022.04.29 Track List01. 9INTRO02. That That (Prod. & Feat. SUGA of BTS)03. Celeb04. 감동이야 (Feat. 성시경)05. 밤이 깊었네 (Feat. 헤이즈)06. GANJI (Feat. Jessi)07. 이제는 (Feat. 화사)08. Happier (Feat. Crush)09. 나의 월요일10. Everyday11. forEVER (Feat. TABLO)12. 내일의 나에게 Lyrics by 싸이 (Psy), Crush, GENERAL SOUNDComposed … Read more

AKMU – Stupid Love Song (With Crush) Lyrics

AKMU – Stupid Love Song (With Crush)[EP] NEXT EPISODEArtist: AKMU (악뮤)Genre: R&B/SoulRelease Date: 2021.07.26 Track List01. 전쟁터 (With 이선희)02. 낙하 (With 아이유)03. BENCH (With Zion.T)04. 째깍 째깍 째깍 (With Beenzino)05. 맞짱 (With 잔나비 최정훈)06. Stupid love song (With Crush)07. EVEREST (With Sam Kim) Lyrics by 이찬혁Composed by 이찬혁, 적재Arranged by 적재 Hangul떠올릴 생각도 없던 기억은이제 … Read more

Lee Hi – For You (Feat. Crush) Lyrics

Lee Hi – For You (Feat. Crush)[Single] For YouArtist: 이하이 (Lee Hi)Genre: R&B/SoulRelease Date: 2020.12.16©℗ AOMG Track List01. For You (Feat. Crush) Lyricist: 안신애Composer: 안신애Arranger: 안신애, 이하이, Crush LyricsWhen my heart is beating for youThat’s when I lose my controlWhen my heart is beating for youCome close to meCome close to me When my heart … Read more

DPR LIVE – Jam & Butterfly (Feat. Crush & eaJ) Lyrics

DPR LIVE – Jam & Butterfly (Feat. Crush & eaJ)[Single] Jam & ButterflyArtist: DPR LIVEGenre: R&B/SoulRelease Date: 2020.11.27©℗ DREAM PERFECT REGIME (DPR) Track List01. Jam & Butterfly (Feat. Crush & eaJ) Lyricist: DPR LIVE, Crush, JaeComposer: DPR LIVE, Crush, Jae, DPR CREAMArranger: DPR CREAM HangulJam & butter-fly(oh ah!)feelin’ sweet inside(oh my!) caramello high(so high)when I … Read more