DPR IAN (디피알 이안) – Famous Last Words Lyrics

DPR IAN - Famous Last Words from his mini album [Dear Insanity...] 디피알 이안

Dear Insanity…
Artist: DPR IAN
Genre: R&B/Soul
Release Date: 2023.10.06

Track List:

  1. Famous Last Words
  2. Welcome To The Other Side
  3. Don’t Go Insane
  4. Bad Cold
  5. So I Danced
  6. Peanut Butter & Tears
  7. Violet Crazy

Lyrics by DPR IAN
Composed by DPR IAN
Arranged by DPR IAN


Dear Insanity

If you are reading this
We have ventured too far off into our minds
And everything that we thought was a dream
Is now real
Even the nightmares
My time is running out
But yours has just begun
But don’t worry
I’ll find a way to come back
I always do

Yours truly

Source: Genie Music
Romanization by N/A
Translation by N/A

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