Junoflo – On My Line Lyrics

[Hangul + Romanization] Junoflo – On My Line[Single] On My LineArtist: Junoflo (주노플로)Genre: Rap/Hip HopRelease Date: 2020.03.24℗© GLX Lyricist: Junoflo (주노플로)Composer: Junoflo (주노플로), WavmanArranger: Wavman RomanizationBeen a long time since a night like this Yeah you know I’m never on that sideline s*** Time for the grind till it’s 4 5 6 If you ain’t … Read more

Junoflo – Distance (Feat. MANILA GREY) Lyrics

[Hangul + Romanization] Junoflo – Distance (Feat. MANILA GREY) Lyrics[Single] DistanceArtist: Junoflo (주노플로)Genre: Rap/Hip HopRelease Date: 2020.02.25℗© GLX Lyricist: Junoflo (주노플로), MANILA GREYComposer: Junoflo (주노플로), Big BananaArranger: Big Banana LyricsAll of them things I grip Close to my soul, won’t let You get too close So keep your distance Greatness we strive, no less Every … Read more

Junoflo – 5eoul AM (Feat. G2) Lyrics

[Single] 5eoul AMArtist: Junoflo (주노플로)Genre: Rap/Hip HopRelease Date: 2019.09.17 Lyricist: Junoflo (주노플로), 지투 (G2)Composer: Junoflo (주노플로), Big BananaArranger: Big Banana Romanization5AM round the clockLit in Seoul Who got the drop 2 4 7 3 6 5 If you f***in wit me Meet me on my side Yuh 5AM round the clock Lit in Seoul Who … Read more

Junoflo – Acid Freestyle Lyrics

[Single] Acid FreestyleArtist: Junoflo (주노플로)Genre: Rap/Hip HopRelease Date: 2019.07.11 Lyricist: Junoflo (주노플로)Composer: Junoflo (주노플로), doomsdayArranger: doomsday LyricsI’ma keep it simpleTurn a sportage to a benzoLike shawty where your friends thoSmoking on that endoWe puffing up we going up yeah crescendoAfter sex its smoking up all these mentholsLike girl here’s your uberYou know that I’m super … Read more

Junoflo – Made Men Lyrics

Made MenArtist: Junoflo (주노플로)Genre: Rap/Hip HopRelease Date: 2019.07.04 Lyricist: Junoflo (주노플로)Composer: Junoflo (주노플로), doomsdayArranger: doomsday LyricsOk you talking to me? Ok you talking to me? Yellow tape all on the scene Leave no man alive like I’m Keanu Reeves Ok you talking to me? I think you talking to me? Product of patience and pain … Read more

Nam Woo Hyun – Hold On Me (Feat. Junoflo) Lyrics

A New JourneyArtist : 남우현 (Nam Woo Hyun)Genre : DanceRelease Date : 2019.05.07 Lyricist : 남우현, Junoflo (주노플로)Composer : 코드나인 (CODE 9)Arranger : 코드나인 (CODE 9) Romanizationeodideun nal kkeureojwosum makineun angmongeseo Oh Oh Ohganyeorin soneul ppeodeo I Don’t Have Time Pull Me Close Pull Me Close She Pulling Me Closersireun i neukkimne nun ne eolgul … Read more

Junoflo – Statues REMIX (Feat. Bizzy, Double K, Dok2, Tiger JK, Yoonmirae) Lyrics

Statues REMIXArtist: Junoflo (주노플로)Genre: Rap/Hip-HopRelease Date: 2019.02.22 Track List01. Statues REMIX (Feat. Bizzy, Double K, Dok2, Tiger JK, Yoonmirae) Lyricist/작사: Junoflo (주노플로), 비지(Bizzy), 더블 케이(Double K), 도끼(DOK2), 타이거JK, 윤미래Composer/작곡: Junoflo (주노플로), Dino-J, KonquestArranger/편곡: Dino-J, Konquest Hangul Romanization Translation What’s good what’s good당연해 우리가 떴으니 망설 일 필요는 없지 상황 판단이 안되니. 천천히 모두들 내게 붙지걸어봐 … Read more