DOO – Kill Me Softly (Oasis OST Part 7) Lyrics

DOO - Kill Me Softly from Korean drama soundtrack Oasis

오아시스 OST Part 7
Artist: DOO
Genre: Drama OST
Release Date: 2023.04.25

Lyrics by Psycho Tension
Composed by DOO
Arranged by Mollo (Psycho Tension)


Somebody please tell me now
what am I suss to do
The way will come lie to me now
What am I suss to do

The most beautiful
The most cheerless for darkness
On your inner mind
I really go bad and holding me back
They all are mean

The charge of the dark goddess
Undauted for no reason
And then you all said your mind
The sentimental reasons
the sadness is too dark and tought me

Kill me softly
Please do somebody
I don’t wanna breath in
But Nobody knows

Ah – Woo
Ah – Woo

I sorrow for my darkness
so watering my blue lane
Please say me now
I don’t know what to do
End of the darkness but
we don’t have the choices

Nobody knows
Nobody knows

Source: Genie Music
Romanization by N/A
Translation by N/A

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