Microdot – These Days (요즘엔) (Feat. djfriz) Lyrics

Thinking About You
Artist: Microdot
Album Type: EP
Genre: Rap/Hip-Hop
Release Date: 2018.07.31
Distributor: Genie Music

Track List
01. 까지 (Till Then)
02. 빠지고 싶어 (Thinking About You) (Feat. 챈슬러, Jiselle(지젤))
03. These Days (요즘엔) (Feat. djfriz)
04. 빠지고 싶어 (Thinking About You) (Inst.)

Lyricsist/작사: 마이크로닷(Microdot)
Composer/작곡: 마이크로닷(Microdot), Stoner Tunes
Arranger/편곡: Stoner Tunes

Yeah, let’s have a toast to success
Only things waiting for me are deadlines and the Press
But these days I got love for this stress for all these blessings I’m sure
I handle this mess staying under pressure ofcourse
These days I’m reaching figures I never thought I could reach
Feeling like sir Edmond but Luther king with the speech
Learning values in life that school teachers can’t teach
Visions coming to life that my inner child would have seen
These days, catch me all day brushing my teeth
Only way to protect myself from a life this sweet
Bank account got refilled the only filling I need
Nothing but love and my girl and I under these sheets
Fuck comparison, I’m self made no inheritance
No thing is for free, you can’t challenge my caliber
I got a booked out calendar reach me through my manager
I always move alone, don’t place myself with savages
I’m trying to inspire, trying to build an empire
Reaching levels higher than those with suits, tied up
Don’t chew more than you can swallow or it will bite ya
I hand pick what’s on my plate, I’m my own designer
Might fly to Abu Dhabi, causeI just came from Bali
Might buy another house to see how far raps got me
And I got the girl of my dreams and shed never doubt me
My fams the reason why noone can out work me
But here’s a reminder, Gods my designer
My star alignment
Is parallel to success, my figures are frightening
Struck gold with my career from the bottom, lightning,
And the bells still ringing ting ting, still striking
Try not to flex but I’m 25 making more wealth than many I got many more stories tell,
I mean, I did it with stealth, I seem so edgy these days, I’m just like nobody else,
I’m built in a different way
I’m still walking through hell just to get to the Gates
Cause all rappers rapping about copping whips and chains
But all this I said it myself, I can’t let myself change
So I make sure I always dwell in my memory lane

Lyrics by Naver Music