B-Free – James Bond

Artist: B-Free
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Relase Date: 2016.10.08
Publisher: CJ E&M MUSIC

(wearing) saint laurent
feel like james bond
banging on my chest
like i’m king kong
got a big head vince
vaughn can’t kill me better
bring your big guns
kushj from ethiopia we
light up africa like akon
camouflaged like viet
congs leather gloves gary payton

fresh off the boat like
eddie huang strip
club with a 100 ones
feeling like kobe i’m bout
to drop 81 my wife
her name lady luck
feeling like james bond
saving these hoes you
should have a cape on
i’ m on the low getting
my dough but i’m
bout to blow like napalm

we stay lit like london
bridge so fly make the haters sick
so sly we should be
mi-6 no matter where
i still first draft pick
you ain’t even on no
List you ain’t got no bitch
i’m swtichin up styles,
new money new clothes and
kicks watch how i jump out the whip

Im feeling so fresh
out of saint laurent
내 적들은 모두다 들어와
찌꺼기 랩퍼들 모두다
저리가고 너네의 사장을 대려와
time to break dance
and break necks pay
me in cash or respect
you’re obsolete like
tape decks i’m the new
guy like daniel craig

oops did i mention
i’m asian a korean
rapper that’s aging
trying to escape
from the basement
of the society that
never raised him
still rock a rolex i
flex like a bowflex
dipped in the latest
you cannot stop
all my agents from
breaking out of these cages

your stereo types
not loud enough your
stereo type not loud enough
imma keep doing
just what i want i keep
counting up a lot of wons
your stereo type
not loud enough your
stereo type not loud enough
this message will
self destruct in 3,2,1