Sophia Pae – Over You (English Version)

Artist: Sophia Pae
Genre: R&B/Urban
Relase Date: 2016.06.21

Why you call me baby
it’s 1AM and
Lightin’ up the phone
Been here one too many times before
I ain’t your Friday toy oh my baby
I won’t be lost inside your charms

Boy you package up your 
words but I know
That I’m not your love,
your love, your love, your love, 
your love yeah
Well that’s just fine with me
Why not tell it like it is
Before I let you go

Cos I bet you think
I’ve gone and fallen for you
I’ve fallen for you
I ain’t fallin’ for you
There you go again
I’m through with that
Already dustin’ off
And I bet you think I’m yours
But I’m over

Over you
Over you
Over you, you, you

Not ashamed to mention
A time way back when
Just the sight of your name
Could steal my breath 
clean away
I ain’t so young no more baby
I know it’s just one 
thing you want
(Thing you want, thing you want)

I’m over you

Don’t give me I miss you’s
Don’t give me I love you’s
Cos I know that 
it’s only a phase
And then when the morning comes
Nothin’ but traces
Of the test that I failed
You leave me hangin’ again