Kei – Wind Song (바람의 노래) The Tale of Nine Tailed 1938 OST Part 4 Lyrics

구미호뎐 1938 OST Part 4Artist: nKei (케이)Genre: Drama OSTRelease Date: 2023.05.28 Track List: Lyrics by 김민Composed by 홍대성Arranged by 홍대성 Romanization kkeuchi eomneun eodun bamhaneureul garin gureumhaewa dari eomneun goteodinga nae nimi olkka gayeopge mareun ttangekkot-ip naerine malhaejuo sojunghan nae sarangnaege got ol georagogyeote kkok isseojugetdagoi nae maeum anajugireulmal eomneun geudaeyeo nunmuri piga doe-eoon badareul … Read more

BF – The Day of May (5월의 그날) Lyrics

5월의 그날Artist: BFGenre: BalladRelease Date: 2023.05.26 Track List: Lyrics by 정민, 안기현, Makot5, Cats Drink Coke, 민우Composed by 안기현, Makot5Arranged by 안기현, Isao Romanization uri hamkkehan oworui geunalbombi naerideon geunarui bamjageun usan sok seoro gidae-eogeuttae geu jarieseo neol jikyeojundadeonurin eoneusae eoreuni doe-eonalgeun gieogeul butjabeuryeoapeun sigandeureul jal gyeondyeo jwotdamyeooneuldo neo-ege insareul geonne Remembernaerineun bie sumgyeoon nunmureulgeuttae … Read more

Jimin – Angel Pt.1 (Feat. JVKE & Muni Long) Lyrics

Angel Pt. 1Artist: Fast & Furious : The Fast Saga & 지민 & 방탄소년단Genre: Rap/Hip Hop / POPRelease Date: 2023.05.18 Track List: Lyrics byComposed byArranged by Lyrics Angel, don’t fly so close to meI pull you down eventuallyYou don’t want to lose those wingsPeople like me break beautiful thingsAngel, don’t fly so close to meI’m … Read more

Je Hwi (제휘) – The Road Not Taken (The Good Bad Mother OST Part 5) Lyrics

나쁜엄마 OST Part.5Artist: 제휘 (Je Hwi)Genre: Drama OSTRelease Date: 2023.05.17 Track List: Lyrics by 하근영, 이수연, 장햇님Composed by 하근영, Very Berry, 이진실, 유지은Arranged by Very Berry, 이진실, 유지은 Lyrics Was it all just dreamI just don’t know where I’m going anymoreThought that all was fineTill I can’t tell what my life is meant for How … Read more

THAMA – Andrea’s Song (Feat. Lil Cherry) Lyrics

Andrea’s SongArtist: THAMAGenre: R&B/SoulRelease Date: 2023.05.01 Lyrics by THAMA, Lil CherryComposed by THAMA, Lil CherryArranged by THAMA Lyrics get yourself stylish like it’s paydaycall all the friends baby, I ain’t playin’no more heartbreakin’, I’m done with itI’m done being stupid, I’m all alone get yourself stylish like it’s paydaycall all the friends baby, I ain’t … Read more

WOODZ (우즈) – Deep Deep Sleep Lyrics

OO-LIArtist: WOODZGenre: RockRelease Date: 2023.04.26 Lyrics by WOODZ, 네이슨 (NATHAN)Composed by WOODZ, 네이슨 (NATHAN)Arranged by 네이슨 (NATHAN) Lyrics I want a deep deep sleep tonightBut my phone ‘Beep beep’ cryingI don’t wanna answer my phone,I knocked on the dream’s door againI knocked on the dream’s door again Let me or leave meI’m going down slowlySwimming … Read more

Sam Ock – Timeless (Family OST Part 2) Lyrics

패밀리 OST Part 2Artist: Sam OckGenre: Drama OSTRelease Date: 2023.04.25 Lyrics by 쌤우 (Sam woo), 이이삭, 김지수Composed by 이이삭, 김지수Arranged by 이이삭, 김지수 Lyrics Shall we dance?Shall we love?I know you hate meThough I don’t have anything,But our love is trueOh my love is yours until the sun goes downSo let’s drink strawberry wineon this … Read more