[Single] DreamNote – Secondary Page

DreamNote - Secondary Page - Single

Secondary Page
Artist: 드림노트 (DreamNote)
Genre: Dance
Agency: Idea Music Entertainment Korea ((주)아이디어뮤직엔터테인먼트코리아)
Release date: 2023.04.12

Album introduction

[Secondary Page] to add color to the white canvas

Girl group DreamNote walks the start of a dazzling summer with its fifth single [Secondary Page] with the public.

DreamNote (Ui, Bonnie, Lara, Miso, Sumin, and Eunjo), who returned with their fourth single album [Dreams Alive], achieved a remarkable career high performance through the title song ‘GHOST’, ranking at the top of Billboard’s world digital song sales charts, iTunes and Apple Music charts overseas.

DreamNote, which showed various and colorful charms like chameleons by painting pastel and achromatic colors in its previous album, depicts a shining future at the start of summer 2023 with a more solid performance.

DreamNote concludes the first page with the previous “4 episodes of Dreams” and depicts the beginning of the second page through the fifth single [Secondary Page].

The single “Secondary Page,” which contains the cool wind at the beginning of summer, the blue sky at night, and the excitement felt through it, consists of a total of three songs, expressing the emotions that can be felt at the beginning of summer.

“Lemonade” that will give you freshness with a sweet sip… Aiming for the upcoming summer

The title song “Lemonade” is a Slap House genre song with a strong carbonated dubstep sound that gives thrilling vitality to everyone who is tired of daily life and takes them to a blue wave with a cool fruit scent.

BLUE, which captures the blue night sky, will add DreamNote’s delicate and deep voice to its lyrical lyrics and melody to give a calm sound, while expressing excitement while thinking of loved ones with retro synth sounds and exciting rhythms.

Dream Note, which finished the first page of the dream and then touched the second page, is expected to bring excitement to us again through this album.
– Genie Music

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Track List

  1. Lemonade *title*
  2. BLUE
  3. Broken (고장 나)