Kep1er 4th EP [LOVESTRUCK]

Artist: Kep1er (케플러)
Genre: Dance/Pop
Agency: WAKEONE, Swing Entertainment
Release date: 2023.04.10

Album introduction

Kep1er, the fateful crash landing of nine girls hit by love…4th mini album “LOVE STRUCK!” released
From “Girls Hero” who ran in “Wadada” to “Kep1er Kitty” who craves love!

The group Kep1er will release its fourth mini-album “LOVE STRUCK!”.
Kep1er (Choi Yujin, Xiaoting, Mashiro, Kim Chae Hyun, Kim Da Yeon, Hikaru, Huening Bahiyyih, Seo Young Eun, and Kang Ye Seo), who debuted with their debut album “FIRST IMPACT” in January 2022, has become popular through their second mini album “DOUBLAST” released in June of the same year and their third mini album “TROUBLESHOOTER” in October.
“LOVE STRUCK!” is a story about nine girls who face the emotion of “love” for the first time and finally crave for “love.”
In his first mini-album “FIRST IMPACT,” Kep1er explored the unknown world and moved toward a new world, using two suns, which means “your dream” and “fans’ love.” The nine girls then traveled to the dream island of happiness in their second mini-album “DOUBLAST,” and in the process, they transformed into “Girls Hero” in their third mini-album “TROUBLESHOOTER” and solved the difficulties together.
Kep1er makes a fateful crash landing from the unknown to Earth by the strong attraction of ‘you’. Through the existence of “you,” you face the emotion of “love” for the first time, and you finally crave more love through the process of feeling confused between the dizzying and dizzy feeling and excitement of “love.”
The title song “Giddy” is a disco punk genre song that contains the dizzying and dizzy feeling and trembling of a girl who faced the feeling of “love” for the first time. Kep1er’s energetic chant and delicate and sophisticated melody depict the powerful shaking when meeting “you,” who is attracted like gravity, the awkwardness of welcoming his first love, the nervousness and excitement, and the honest desire to be loved.
Kep1er visualized the girl hit by her first love as a lovely ‘Kep1er Kitty’. While the nine members’ more mature and bold visuals under the concept of “Lovely Kitsch” caught the eye, Kep1er added a point choreography reminiscent of a lovely and attractive cat just by looking at the addictive chorus where “giddy” is repeated.
In addition to the title song “Giddy,” the new album also features “LVLY” (Lovely), “Back to the City” which compares the memories that everyone has in their hearts to the space of “City,” and “Why,” which contains curious and honest feelings about love, “Happy” (even if it is not always a happy ending).
As such, Kep1er will deliver the emotions of “First Love” with more mature music and energetic performances, capturing the hearts of everyone who loves and wants to be loved this spring.
– Genie Music

Track List

  1. Giddy *title*
  2. LYLY
  3. Back to the City
  4. Why
  5. Happy Ending