Jung Key – i’m fine. [Single]

Jungkey Im Fine Single

i’m fine.
Artist: Jung Key (정키)
Genre: Ballad
Agency: ZNKY, Big Tent A&M
Release date: 2023.04.04

About the album

Of course, I know it can’t be okay, but if I focus on the emotion, I calmly spill it just in case it collapses. I thought I spilled it, but I was holding my breath one by one. That’s when I knew when I bumped into him somewhere in a normal, mundane day without preparation. I’m not okay “It hurts so much, but I wanted to capture that feeling that I could have been a little better thanks to the time that was quite long.’ Above all, I would like to sincerely thank Jung Seung-hwan and Lim Se-joon for their participation in the song. If they didn’t participate and sing, would they have been able to release the album with this level of perfection without staff from various fields, including arrangement, mixing, and mastering… While preparing for this album, I felt and learned. I feel a little relieved after I finished it, but I think I’m better now. I hope everyone who listens to it will do i’m fine…!!! Listen on Apple Music

Track List

  1. I’m Well (나는 잘 지내) Feat. Jung Seung Hwan
  2. Same (여전해) Feat. Lim Sejun

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