Izykite – I ZIP [EP]

Izykite - Diver from her 1st EP 'I ZIP'

Artist: 이지카이트 (Izykite)
Genre: R&B/Soul
Agency: Neuron Music (뉴런뮤직)
Release date: 2023.04.06

Album introduction

Izykite 1st EP 〈I ZIP〉
It’s a compressed file (zip.) that contains my feelings and five songs with the hope that you can feel the spatial personality and comfort like the rooms at home.

I hope that the messages in my file that I finally released can be ‘Take it’ whenever you need to rest like a room in your heart!
– genie music

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Track List

  1. Take it IZY
  2. On My Own (독립)
  3. Diver *title
  4. Stuck in (소낙비)
  5. Star in the dark (우리의 어둠에 별이 내려오네)
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