IVE – I’ve IVE [Album]

IVE 1st Album [I've IVE]

I’ve IVE
Artist: IVE (아이브)
Genre: Dance/Pop
Agency: Starship Entertainment
Release date: 2023.04.10

Album introduction


  • Ive’s irreplaceable presence, a K-pop game changer that has become a syndrome –
  • “You just have to believe it, it’s what it looks like” Ive’s self-confidence –
  • Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung participated in three songs…Steady style and message –

Less than a year after his debut, IVE, which caused three syndromes, will fly higher. From his debut songs “ELEVEN” to “LOVE DIVE” and “After LIKE,” he won 37 gold medals in music broadcasts with confident self-confidence and subjectivity for love, and set a record of winning both the Rookie of the Year and the Grand Prize at major year-end awards last year. This is an irreplaceable presence with an identity that goes beyond all predictions, differentiated confidence, and elegant beauty. The game changer IVE, which completely changed the landscape of the K-pop scene at the same time as its appearance, aims at the best moment once again.
Ive’s first full-length album [I’ve EVE], which proved to be a “complete girl group” from the start, is about eight months after its third single “After LIKE,” which was released in August and recorded a million seller. It tells various variations with keywords such as “self-love, confidence, and freedom,” such as Ive’s identity. Unshakable self-confidence under any circumstances, newtro codes combining the past and the present, and clearly stuck melodies and messages are still valid. Ive’s relentless move, which “shines no matter where you go,” heralds another syndrome.

“You just have to believe it. It’s what it looks like.” Confession of confidence

Again, IVE delivers a confident message based on “self-love.” The title song “I AM” is a song that sings the subjective attitude of life to “be sure on my way,” and is a stylish song with a strong message of “Let’s discover another me from yesterday.” In particular, the colorfulness of the dynamic song and the combination of Ive’s explosive vocals maximize the colorful charm. The independent and hopeful lyrics were written by lyricist Kim I-na, and producer Ryan Jhun completed the unique IVE style.
The pre-released song “Kitsch” emphasizes the identity of IVE, which has become more solid through the past three singles, and is enough to feel another charm from the previous sensibility. You can feel the elegant beauty and unexpected charm of the “special different” IVE. It combines various bouncy sounds to deliver a thrilling pleasure, and it is a song that can always feel the colorful charm of unpredictable eyebrows. In addition, members Ahn Yujin and Jang Won Young wrote the lyrics for three songs, “Heroine,” “Mine,” and “Shine With Me,” expressing a new world of immersive Ive, and further doubling the album’s charm through Rei’s rap making in autumn.
IVE’s first full-length album [I’ve IVE] preoccupies its unique position through familiar and unique sound, clear storytelling, colorful visualizing, and confident messages. The value of numbers and records is clear. Ive’s syndrome, which shines at its highest point, is still ongoing.
– Genie Music

Track List

  1. Blue Blood
  2. I AM *title*
  3. Kitsch
  4. Lips
  5. Heroine
  6. Mine
  7. Hypnosis (섬찟)
  9. Next Page (궁금해)
  10. Cherish
  11. Shine With Me