[EP] Park Ji Hoon – Blank or Black

Park Ji Hoon - Blank or Black - EP

Blank or Black
Artist: Park Ji Hoon (박지훈)
Genre: Dance
Agency: MAROO (마루기획㈜)
Release date: 2023.04.12

Album introduction

PARK JIHOON 7th MINI ALBUM [Blank or Black]

“Is it empty or is it just covered?”
The innumerable emotions contained in the thick pupils, the depth cannot be read at first glance.

Park Ji-hoon’s new album “Blank or Black” is an album that captures Park Ji-hoon’s deep charm that is difficult to escape once he steps into the most complicated maze, the most difficult mystery, and accidental curiosity.

Park Ji-hoon in the title song “Blank Effect” makes everyone deeply immersed in deadly and precarious emotions, like a trap that he already knows but falls into.

As it is the first album to be released this year, it contains six songs with a different mood than before, including the title song “Blank Effect,” “Black Hour,” “MATADOR,” “Gambit” and “Crashing for.”
– Genie Music

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Track List

  1. Gemini (쌍둥이자리)
  2. Blank Effect (무표정) *title*
  3. Black Hour
  5. Gambit (Feat.방용국)
  6. Crashing For