[EP] Lee Chae Yeon – Over The Moon

Lee Chae Yeon 2nd EP [Over the Moon]

Over The Moon
Artist: Lee Chae Yeon (이채연)
Genre: Dance
Agency: WM Entertainment
Release date: 2023.04.12

Album introduction

“Next Generation Performance Queen” Lee Chae Yeon’s 2nd mini album “Over The Moon” was released
Lee Chae Yeon’s brilliant leap forward with her unrivaled K-pop diva!

Honestly, Lee Chae Yeon, who turned into a “high-teen wannabe,” is doing “KNOCK” properly!
Progress to an upgraded “Performance Queen” and confidence with a confident voice!

Lee Chae Yeon beats the hearts of K-pop fans again with her more intense charm.

Lee Chae Yeon, the “next-generation performance queen,” once again proudly challenged the music industry, where female artists have been active day after day. The second mini-album “Over the Moon” is filled with the confident voice of Lee Chae Yeon, who transformed into a “Wanna Be” that everyone in the high-teen movie wanted to resemble.

From a model student with a fresh and fresh appearance to a wannabe with confidence and relaxation, the album has a diverse and wide range of charms with a contrasting atmosphere of high-teen. You can find Lee Chae Yeon’s own color, which has become more bold and honest through her enterprising appearance of proudly confessing her feelings.

The title song “KNOCK” is a song that leaves Lee Chae Yeon’s confident message that I will tap your heart first without waiting. Starting with a knock on the door to match the title, it catches the ears of listeners by adding addictiveness with repeated hooks and richness with energetic beats.

The music video was also sensibly completed with a direction optimized for the dynamic performance of the title song. Lee Chae Yeon, who has been loved for her dance skills, shows her own unrivaled style, which has been upgraded through her confident performance. In addition, “High Teen Wannabe” Lee Chae Yeon’s ever-changing visuals and intriguing storytelling added to the fun of watching.

“Intro: Line By Line,” which marks the beginning of this album by writing down what I want to do, “I Don’t Wanna Know,” and “I want you to challenge yourself right now,” a special five-track song by A Stark, which includes a special message from A.

In April 2023, you will be able to meet Lee Chae Yeon, who will take over the stage with a more independent voice and take a step closer to the “unique K-pop diva.”
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Track List

  1. Intro: Line by Line
  2. KNOCK *title*
  3. I Don’t Wanna Know
  4. Don’t Be A Jerk
  5. Like A Star