Apink – SELF [EP]

Apink (에이핑크) - D N D Romanization and English Translation Lyrics

Artist: Apink (에이핑크)
Genre: Dance
Agency: IST Entertainment
Release date: 2023.04.25

About the album

Apink 10th Mini Album 【SELF】
Apink’s message of hope, “DND”
Imagine your own world, without any interruption!

Apink, who has debuted for 13 years, and Apink, who is walking on the path as a perfect long-running idol with constant challenges and development, will release their 10th mini album “SELF.”
The 10th mini-album “SELF,” which will show Apink’s unique bright and cheerful image, is a word that means the real self and the self, and it means to just exist as “me” rather than what someone wants, and all the members put down a lot of decorations and showed their individuality to the fullest.

The title song of the 10th mini album “SELF,” which contains the meaning of “Do Not Disturb,” is a pop dance genre that goes well with Apink’s bright mood, and it is an impressive song with a high-frames and groove that maximizes Apink’s singing ability. It contains a message that encourages those who have lost hope without finding their color, saying, “Imagine your own world because no one is disturbing you.”

In addition to the title song, there are a total of five songs, including R&B pop dance song “Withcha” featuring Apink’s sophisticated tone, ballad song “Me, Myself & I” written by member Park Cho-rong, Apink’s 12th anniversary fan song “Candy” written by member Kim Nam-joo, and “All I Need To Know” released to mark the 11th anniversary of his debut.

Track List

  1. D N D
  2. Witcha
  3. Me, Myself & I
  4. Candy
  5. I Want You to be Happy (나만 알면 돼)

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